Quality policy

Electric machines and transformer construction

The constant industrial and technological advancements have reached a pace that can’t get much faster, plus there is also the rapid expansion of globalisation.

Within the context of corporate due diligence regarding the quality assurance of our products and services, we are hereby outlining our official quality policy.

The QM system maps out a description of the requirements we have set. The application of this system ensures that all activities that affect the performance of our company are planned, managed and overseen and that the contractually agreed-upon requirements are met.

With this statement, management hereby requires that all employees and suppliers carry out their activities in accordance with the requirements of this QM system, in order to ensure that the quality of all our company’s products and services meets both external and internal requirements.

Management is to assess the performance and effectiveness of the QM system by evaluating internal audits, its results, and its performance assessment.

We will provide all resources required to meet these quality objectives and implement the quality policy.

We commit ourselves to the continuous improvement and further development of the QM system.

The consistent quality of our products and services is one of the foundations of our business’s success. For us, quality means fulfilling the requirements of our clients and prospective clients to the best of our abilities.

The realisation that standing still means taking a step back is now more apparent than ever before. Flexibility, creativity but above all quality, as well as international standards and short delivery times, are factors that ensure and reinforce the reliability and market presence of our company.

In this regard, quality is an important criterion in our day to day work and helps to build a reliable bond with our clients.

Acting in a quality conscious way also means using valuable resources efficiently and sparingly. All employees have the obligation and the right to eliminate circumstances that limit the company’s performance.

Having the shortest possible production times makes it imperative that all quality objectives are met and to ensure that they are adhered to, as often there is no time to make adjustments and start again.

The company’s continuous improvement is a medium and long-term prerequisite towards ensuring effective cost reduction and making a significant contribution towards conserving the environment.

Flawless organisation and the most advanced quality management methods form the foundation for this. All employees are required to adhere to the regulations set out within their field of responsibility, to regularly monitor their effectiveness and to adapt to the latest information available and requirements.  A company is only as good as its employees. Possessing quality awareness that permeates the company from the managing directors down to the apprentices is the foundation upon which our quality management system is built. The motivation of each individual and the new ideas they bring to the table are the driving force behind the continuous improvement of the QM system, thereby ensuring that our company continues to meet its quality objectives.