Performance spectrum

Eltra Transformers construction

In order to further enlarge the product range, our machine park is continuously renewed, and the know-how of personnel is kept up-to-date.

Meanwhile, the Eltra Elektromaschinen- und Transformatorenbau GmbH has gained the reputation of representing a specialist for niche products and complex configurations, whether for individual items or for serial production.

ELTRA – Performance spectrum


  • Single-phase control, isolating, safety and energy saving transformers, standard models and customized complete solutions, partially also according to UL or other international standards
  • Three-phase isolating, energy saving and starting transformers in customized versions, partially also according to UL standard, or with individual certificate corresponding to international standards
  • Single- and three-phase isolating transformers for medical environment
  • Power supplies, single- or three-phase, rectified, smoothed or stabilized, clocked switching power supplies
  • Chokes, customized, single- or three-phase
  • Transformers and controls for air conditioning and ventilation applications, customized


  • Mechanical and electrical special solutions according to customer’s requirements
  • Water-cooled transformers for welding technology
  • Ondulated-edgewound coils made of copper or aluminum
  • Transformers for wind power plants
  • Starting transformers for shipbuilding
  • Transformers and rectifier elements for automotive industry
  • Transformer and choke units for textile industry
  • Mains starter units
  • High voltage air-core transformers for water treatment, ozone and foil coating plants
  • Special transformers for research applications
  • Isolating transformers

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